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One of Thai leading Importer & Distributor of fine snack, cookie, biscuit,
and cool beverage from several international brands countries.
About NWA


Your trusted local partner.

At New Wave Asia, we import, market, and distribute high profile brands across various categories including fine snack, biscuit, cookie, and beverage.

New Wave Asia Co., Ltd. was founded in 2009 by group of long experienced persons from well known multinational companies. NWA goal was to expand coverage of the retail market and grow our supplier base to represent the best quality brands from around the world.

New Wave Asia offers, warehousing, logistics and sales with offices and distribution centers cover nationwide Thailand both modern trade and general trade.


NWA focus is on brand development.

Mutual brand strategies

Together with our suppliers and retail partners, we continue to develop market with cost effective channel strategies, using a marketing mix to take products to market and build long term brands or a good mutual understanding of each other's global strategies and identify potential areas of alignment and cooperation.

Merchandising Support

Our Merchandising and Sales Support (i.e. Category Management, Merchandising Material, Point of Sales Material) help our brand to increase the rotation of our products wherever they are on sale. Functionality, easy handling and last but not least attractive design are the crucial facts on which we put the main focus by our promotional designer.

Push & Pull strategies

To remain competitive and increase sales, each month we provide promotions on select products that are designed to increase sales. Our discounts enable retail partners to pass on savings to the consumers to create immediate sales as it is one of our push strategy. Pull strategy is also employ to get the product into their basket and make them repurchase.

Thailand Facts

Thailand, an upper-middle income economy since 2011.

Thailand is comprise of 76 provinces,
which group into 5 regions (North, Northeast, South, Central, East)

Population :
67 million
$387 million
GDP per capita :
Area :
513,000 km2
Minimum Wage :
300 Baht/day
Corporate tax :
Official Language :
Weather :
Generally hot and humid.
Economics :
60% relies on export
Currency :
Banking :
Generally Monday through Friday, 09:30 am to 03:30 pm.
Time :
Religion :
Buddhism 94%, Muslim 5%, Christian and others 1%
Politics :
Parliamentary democracy with a constitutional monarchy
Ethnicity :
Thai 75%, Chinese 14%, Others 11%
Unemployment :

Thailand Rankings

The United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD) ranks Thailand in the Top 10 Most Attractive Foreign Direct Investment Destination in the World.
Top 5 exporter of natural and synthetic rubber, hard disk drives, rice and sugar.
Thailand is the largest producer of light pickup trucks in the world.

  • 17th largest Manufacturing output.
  • 17th most tourist arrivals.
  • 24th biggest economies: by purchasing power.
  • 21st biggest traders of goods: Exports.
  • 20th biggest traders of goods: Imports.

Warehouse & Logistic

Flexible supply chain for brand growth.

Our 13,000 square meter. Distribution Centre is based within easy access to all major road networks, allowing us to carry a comprehensive stock holding across all of our market leading brands at all times which provides excellent opportunities for instant promotional activities and confidence in listing our brands. It also allows us to provide a national delivery network with quick turnaround on orders.

With our computerized picking facilities individual items are easy to locate and move quickly and safely to where they are required, ensuring all orders are delivered within the requested timeframe which is the technology of RF Scanner Barcode in directing Pallet ID and location.

The other KPIs that monitor our operation are Picking Accuracy, Inventory Accuracy, Receiving Accuracy, and On-time Delivery.

Sales Department

Awareness, Availability, Accessible.

Our distribution covers every single province in Thailand both modern trade and general trade.

We penetrate over 10,000 independent stores nationwide.

Our sales representative is well experience with FMCG products focus on food and beverage.

Our cash van sales act as commando sales to penetrate to the key area which needed special focus.

NWA PC Team ensure that the product is usually available on the shelf.

Our team act quickly to changes in the market and business and brand priorities.


Not all retailer are the same. It is important to have mutual understand of the brand expectation and the difference of shopping behavior and shopper profile in each store.

It is also vital that your local partner understand the different business drivers of each of the major grocery retail chains - from their desire to increase foot traffic to a focus on margins - to ensure your brand plan addresses these challenges.

MT Figure 2014

Name Type Outlets
7-Eleven CVS 8,000
Big-C HPM, CVS 450
Tesco HPM, CVS 1,200
Family Mart CVS 1,000
Tops SPM 145
Villa SPM 31
Foodland SPM 15
Makro Cash & Carry 57
108 shop CVS 130

Our Brands

Your brand is our pride.

Julie's Biscuit

No.1 Malaysia's biscuit exporter.

Uncle Tong

Original, Hygiene, Sun Soaked Banana.

Nood Drink

Drink before you die.

OWL Coffee

Authentic Straits Asian Coffee.


Premium Quality Korean Spread & Tea


Chlorine Free Diapers

Danish garden

Made of real fruits

Lotus Biscoff

Perfect Match with Coffee


Authentic cookie from Denmark


Enjoy with Guilt free

Rise buddy

Baked rice snack


Biscuit snack from Indonesia

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Tel: (66) 2 804 8000 Fax: (66) 2 804 9797